what features do kawai digital pianos have!
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Kawai digital pianos contain some of the amazing features. The sound system of the yamaha u3 is amazing. It contains built-in speakers. Kawai digital pianos are famous because of their excellent features and impressive properties.


The wonderful instrument comes up with amazing features. Some of the prominent features of kawai digital pianos are:

· The piano contains IV-F Graded-hammer action.

· It contains 88 keys

· The sound quality of the piano is amazing.

· It contains a sliding key cover

· The piano is also equipped with grand Pedal System

· It contains built-in Piano lessons by Alfred

· It contains Stereo Speaker System

· The piano contains 2 headphones jack

· It also contains a Rosewood Finish.

The digital kawai pianos contains the built in Alfred lesson songs. The songs are being played by Alfred staff pianist. It helps students in learning the practicing the songs. Students are also able to record his/her act and then compare it with the built-in music. It’s a dream of most of the people to learn the piano. The kawai pianos help in making the dream into reality. It contains built in music lectures which enable people to learn and play piano. It is one of the most incredible inventions.

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